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Self service, waiter service, display and serving trays
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Light: Fast Food outlets, snack bars, school meals, and all small catering establishments where trays are only used 2 or 3 times daily and/or no dishwashing is involved. Polypropylene FAST FOOD
Medium:Staff canteens, education catering, patient service, room tea service and other operations where trays are used 3 / 4 times daily and they will be dishwashed. Melamine coated and wood veneer GOLD
Melamine covered Fibreglass Polyester PARTNER
Heavy: Motorway services, department stores self service restaurants and other catering outlets where trays will see continuous usage and frequent dishwashing. Fibreglass Polyester GLASS
Melamine coated Fibreglass Polyester LASER
Specific, light: Waiter service, where no dishwashing is involved. Melamine with Lattice insert SUPERGRIP L
Specific, medium: Waiter service where a non-slip surface is necessary and no dishwashing is involved. Fibreglass Polyester SUPERGRIP P
Specific, heavy: Waiter service or self service restaurants where a non-slip surface is necessary and dishwashing is involved. Fibreglass Polyester SUPERGRIP AL
Specific: School meals, institutional catering, or wherever divided compartments and a lighter weight are necessary. Polycarbonate or Polypropylene COMPARTMENT

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